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Goran Karan


15.04.17 / 22:00
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Don't miss Goran Karan's concert in Coloseum Club. Famous Croatian singer specializes in songs influenced by Dalmatian folk music and is known for his powerful and refined tenor voice.

Karan's collaboration with composer Zdenko Runjić led to some of his finest work, which won him several awards.

Karan was the lead singer of Croatian rock group Big Blue, before becoming a solo artist in 1997.

In 2000 he represented Croatia at Eurovision Song Contest, after winning the Croatian pre-selection Dora. In the Eurovision Song Contest, he won the ninth place with his song "Ostani" ("Stay").

In 2005 he was one of the judges in Hrvatski idol, Croatian version of Pop Idol. Karan's song "Ružo moja bila" won the 2005 Split Festival song competition, as well as 2005 Sunčane skale festival in Herceg Novi.

Entrance: 10 KM

Reservation: 40 KM.

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