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Infected Rain; Avven; Agelast

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16.10.17 / 20:00
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Infected Rain is a Bend From Moldavia, and November 25, 2011 was marked by the release of the band’s first album, entitled Asylum.

May 15th of 2014 the band released the second album called "Embrace Eternity". Later, in September and October was their big European tour in which they visited 12 countries. New album called “86” that is announced at April 20th 2017.  

The band consists of five members: two guitars, female vocal, bass and drums, the combination of all members music preferences always leaves room for development and creation of a new style. 

Avven is an altered version of the welsh word "Awen" which means "poetic inspiration". The Slovenian alphabet has no w so the band decided to use two v's instead. In light of their rejection of everything western, the band members call their style of music "Rock of the East".

The band began it's journey in 2003 as a three-piece and focused on creating their own authorial music right from the start. After some changes in number of band performers, the group eventually remained stable, numbering 7 members.

Agelast are a heavy, melodic band from Plymouth, UK featuring ex-members of local bands such as Brotherhood Of The Lake, The Sleeper Wakes and Athura.

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