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Premiere: King Lear

Theater Play

28.10.17 / 19:30
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Director Diego de Brea will show King Lear in his own, authentic and admirable way.

Through the play, Lear explores the human journey in the darkness and abyss of death. Through this project, in an unusual and authentic way, as the director and the actors know only, it was shown how the old king gives up authority and power.

It takes many actors to tell the story of the old King Lear who decides to divide his kingdom among his three daughters, asking them to demonstrate their love for him in speech. The eldest two praise their father, while his youngest daughter Cordelia refuses to do so out of honesty. We don't flatter our father, we love him like a daughter should: we love, and we are silent.

Lear, unjustifiably offended, disinherits Cordelia. This is the beginning of the tragedy and the King's downfall which will be witnessed by many, including the Earl of Gloucester whose eyes will be gouged out for having stayed loyal to the King and who will then wander blind about a desolate heath.

Cast: Izudin Bajrović...

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