Free wireless internet connection in Centar Municipality

Centar Municipality will be offering free wireless internet in several locations.

The WiFi signal will cover the following areas: the parks around the Centar Municipality building, SKC plaza, Mis Irbina Street, Trg Djece Sarajeva in front of BBI Center, Veliki Park, Radićeva Street and parts of Titova Street, the paved walking area along Obala Maka Dizdara and Trg Susan Sontag in front of the National Theater.

Those who would like to connect at these locations may select the SSID “Opcina Centar.” A single connection to the internet lasts 15 minutes.

Free wireless internet has also been made available to all 16 of the community centers located within this municipality and local residents may connect from these centers by selecting the SSID “Wifi Opcina Centar” and by using the following password: opcinacentarsarajevo.