Insider Tour Agency to offer an enhanced Jewish Sarajevo Tour

The Sarajevo tour agency, Insider, in cooperation with the association. Hagada, is introducing a tour that talks about Sarajevo Jews. The tour includes new information and aims to provide an even better presentation on the life of Jews in this part of the world.

The tour takes in major sights that are important for BiH’s capital city and were built by Jews and Jewish families: Ashkenazi Synagogue, Baščaršija, the Jewish mahala and Sephardic Synagogue, the Jewish Museum of BiH, Bosnian Cultural Center, the Jewish Cemetery and the National Museum, which is where the original Sarajevo Haggadah is kept.

Jews have been living in Sarajevo for nearly 500 years and those who arrived first brought Spanish and Portuguese, as well as their songs, cuisine and religion, all of which came to form a part of the culture of Sarajevo.

In cooperation with Insider, those who visit the site,, and would like to go on the tour this January may make their reservations through our web portal to receive 20% off the regular price.

You can reserve a place on the Jewish Tour here.