Jahorina Olympic Center to expand offering

Jahorina Olympic Center, in cooperation with the Association of Hoteliers and the Association of Weekend Home Owners, will be expanding offers during the summer months on Mount Jahorina with the aim of extending the tourist season to encompass the entire year. Costs for accommodation will be significantly lower than during the winter season.

Velija Smajić

Olympic Mountain Jahorina, which is a 20-minute drive from the center of town, offers many activities that can be done in the fresh air during the summer months.

Those visiting Jahorina during the summer months can also enjoy panoramic rides on six-seater lifts, hiking along mountain paths, mountain biking (the baskets on the six-seaters allow for the transport of bikes), riding quads, mountaineering and climbing on artificial rocks, tubing at Ogorjelica Amusement Park, paragliding, paintball and collecting medicinal herbs and blueberries.

In addition to the outstanding food and an accommodation capacity of approximately 5,000 beds in surrounding hotels and weekend homes, guests may also make use of the grass football fields, small sports fields, swimming pools and spa centers.