New marked trail to Trebević to be laid soon

A new sports-tourist trail, stretching from Inat Kuća to the top of Mount Trebević, is set to be laid out soon. The 15-kilometer trail, which is ideal for mountaineers and recreationists, is set to pass by various hospitality facilities and should be completed by the end of October.

The route will pass over Hošin Brijeg and Čolina Kapa, go past the bobsled track and Pino Hotel and run all the way to the peak of Mount Trebević. The markings along the trail will clearly indicate who certain sections of the path are geared toward, allowing mountaineers, beginners and foreigners to enjoy a safe trek.

There will be a notice board at the start of the trail and a map of the entire route, showing the beginning and end points, as well as signs indicating the difficulty and length of the trail and the time needed to move from one point to another. Mountaineering symbols will also be used at every point along the trail.