Our 10 years

This April, Sarajevo Navigator is celebrating 10 years of its existance. The first issue of Sarajevo Navigator, the bilingual monthly guide, came out in April 2007.

For the past ten years, 10,000 copies have been printed every month and distributed to more than 300 locations around Sarajevo.

This is our 121st issue and we are proud to say that, over the past ten years, the regular publication of Sarajevo Navigator has seen a total of 1,210,000 copies printed and distributed!

We have also overseen the printing of Sarajevo Map (60,000 copies to date) and Destination Sarajevo, an annual guide to all that Sarajevo offers (30,000 copies to date).

Our web portal, which can be visited at  www.destinationsarajevo.com and www.sarajevo.travel has become the main resource for those searching for information on all that our destination offers, and those who use Android and iOS on their devices have free access to our apps.

We have realized many other projects that were aimed at making Destination Sarajevo’s offering more complete.

Our gift to readers for our 10th anniversary is a totally new design for Sarajevo Navigator!