Work underway to improve services at Sarajevo International Airport

Work has begun on increasing check-in capacity at the Sarajevo International Airport, which will see more counters being added and an expansion of the luggage tracking system.

The number of check-in counters, which is currently at 12, will be increased to 15 and an additional security x-ray machine for scanning luggage will be installed. The new dual-track carousel will significantly improve the reliability of the entire system used for transporting, sorting and loading all of the luggage that is processed.

The expansion and modernization of Terminal B should help boost Sarajevo International Airport’s existing capacity and allow it to process around two million passengers on a yearly basis.

The expansion will see an additional 10,000 m2, covering four levels. The old and new sections of the airport will be connected by a modern awning. The current length of the terminal is 68 meters, but the expansion will increase it to 110 meters. An additional entrance will also be constructed.