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  1. Nafaka


    Cafe / Patisserie

    Luledžina 7, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Nafaka coffee house and tea house has the feel of a traditional Bosnian house. If you want to find out how Turkish and Bosnian coffees are different (by trying both of them!), then this is just the place for you. More

  2. Opera


    Pub / Bar

    Branilaca Sarajeva 27, Sarajevo | Map

    Pub / Bar If you love good music, a relaxed atmosphere and great fun, then Opera Café Bar is just the place for you. More

  3. Promenada


    Cafe / Patisserie

    Ferhadija 4, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Promenada is a cafe-sweet shop that offers an exclusive atmosphere at affordable prices.  More

  4. Silver & Smoke

    Silver & Smoke


    Zelenih beretki 12, Sarajevo | Map

    Club The club, Silver & Smoke, is located in the center of Sarajevo, in the passage that runs from Zelenih Beretki St. to the Stari Grad Municipality building. More

  5. Spazio Caffe

    Spazio Caffe

    Cafe / Patisserie

    Radićeva 11, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Whether you decide to spend some moments here in the morning, afternoon or evening, Spazio Caffe is a place where you can enjoy fine Italian coffee or some of the many delicious sweets that are on offer. More

  6. Talks & Giggles

    Talks & Giggles

    Cafe / Patisserie

    Hamdije Kreševljakovića 61, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Are you interested in conversation and laughter? Are you looking for something sweet or refreshing? The Talks & Giggles Team is always at your service. More

  7. The Brew Pub

    The Brew Pub

    Pub / Bar

    Kranjčevićeva 18, Sarajevo | Map

    Pub / Bar This is the first microbrewery in Sarajevo where you can try fresh domestic beer, as well as many other types of beer: Indian Pale Ale (IPA), American Pale Ale (APA), dark beer and Belgian beer. More

  8. Tolledo


    Cafe / Patisserie

    Gradačačka 1, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie If you like to spend time in the company of family or friends after doing some shopping or while taking your lunch break, and you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, then you won’t go wrong in choosing Tolledo. More

  9. U prolazu

    U prolazu

    Narghile bar

    Trgovke 12, Sarajevo | Map

    Narghile bar If you’re visiting Baščaršija and you’d like to take a break and enjoy a nice time with friends over narghile and some refreshing drinks, then the narghile bar, U Prolazu, is just the place for you. More