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  1. Sushi San

    Sushi San

    International Restaurant

    Muse Ćazima Ćatića 33, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant The best sushi with carefully selected and always fresh fish. More

  2. Zembilj


    International Restaurant

    Đulagina 8, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant A winning combination of superb food and service. More

  3. Aeroplan


    National Restaurant

    Sarači 6, Sarajevo | Map

    National Restaurant As one of the oldest restaurants in the heart of Baščaršija, Aeroplan offers a wide range of Bosnian specialties. More

  4. August Braun Brasserie

    August Braun Brasserie

    International Restaurant

    Vrazova 6, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant A carefully selected combination of flavors from different parts of the world, fine domestic and international wines and the kind staff are the best invitations one needs to visit August Braun Brasserie. More

  5. Avlija


    International Restaurant

    Avde Sumbula 2, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant The excellent Sarajevo restaurant, Avlija, opened in 1997 and at one time it really did use to be an avlija (courtyard) in the family house of Fikret Karkin, the owner of the restaurant.  More

  6. Bašča kod Ene

    Bašča kod Ene

    National Restaurant

    Prvi bataljon 22, Sarajevo | Map

    National Restaurant If you’d like to try some national specialties while enjoying a gorgeous view of the city, then this restaurant is the ideal place for you. More

  7. Bistrot Duett

    Bistrot Duett

    Mediterranean Restaurant

    Zelenih beretki bb, Sarajevo | Map

    Mediterranean Restaurant Duett is a place that brings the original Mediterranean concept restaurant to Sarajevo and it is where you will have an opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes and fine wines, all in a relaxed atmosphere and with some light music. More

  8. Blue Prism

    Blue Prism

    International Restaurant

    Džemala Bijedića 185, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant Located at the top of the luxurious Radon Plaza Hotel, Plava Prizma Restaurant is the only rotating restaurant in Sarajevo. More

  9. Bon Appetit

    Bon Appetit

    International Restaurant

    Kranjčevićeva 11, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant Situated in the neighborhood called Marijin Dvor, this restaurant is a real hidden gem among Sarajevo’s culinary offerings. If you are hungry after hours of shopping in Sarajevo City Center or Alta, this is definitely the pl... More