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  • If you’d really like to enjoy Baščaršija and Sarajevo in the proper way, then don’t miss the chance to walk along Bravadžiluk Street.

    Bravadžiluk starts at the southeast end of Baščaršija square, where it meets Halači St., and stretches, toward the other end, up to Telali, just some tens of meters from Sarajevo Vijećnica. You can also access Bravadžiluk from Bravadžiluk Mali, Kazandžiluk and Oprkanj Streets.

    The street was first part of Kovačka (Hadadan) Čaršija, which formed during the 16th century. With time it became a collection of craftsmen who specialized in making and selling locks and padlocks, so the street took its name from this trade.

    Today, however, Bravadžiluk serves as a culinary paradise in Baščaršija, as this is where some of the most well-known Sarajevo ćevabdžinicas, buregdžinicas, aščinicas and sweet shops are located.

    You'll also find a souvenir shop here and there, as well as the famous barber shop run by the Skaka family.