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  • This private medical clinic provides ultrasound and consulting services and has a staff of doctors who hold internationally recognized certificates. The staff are not only conversant in the local language, but also in English, Swedish, Norwegian, Arabic and Turkish.


    Accepting Reservations

    • English
    • Turkish
    • Arabic
    • Swedish

    The clinic is located in the center of Sarajevo, on Ćemaluša Street, which connects the main walking zone (Ferhadija Street) and Branilaca Sarajeva, and is not far from the well known Vatra Café and the Bosnian Cultural Center.

    This private clinic first opened in 2007 and now offers the following services:

    - Ultrasound imaging of the neck, thyroid glands, breasts, the lower abdomen and small intestine, soft tissue in the head and body, lymph gland drainage from the body’s peripheral tissues, peritoneal and retroperitoneal abdominal cavities, uterus and ovaries, prostrate and scrotal organs.
    - Color Doppler examinations of the abdominal aorta, blood vessels in the kidneys, upper and lower extremities, blood vessels in the neck, thyroid gland and lymph glands.
    - Consultations, as well as advice and analysis of other medical results.

    It is important to mention that the clinic is certified to issue results that will be fully recognized in Scandinavian countries.

    The medical team comprises the following:
    Dr. Ferida Čengić Huković, MSc is a specialist in diagnostic radiology and a subspecialist in diagnostic ultrasound and has had many years of experience at the university clinic in Sarajevo, as well as abroad in London, Lund and Rijad.

    Alija Drnda, MD is a specialist in infectology and has gained experience during his work as Chief of the Neuroinfectious Disease Division at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases at the KCUS (Clinic of the Campus of the University of Sarajevo).

    Osman Terzić, Prim. Dr. has had many years of experience at the Clinic for Vascular Illnesses at the KCUS (Clinic of the Campus of the University of Sarajevo).

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