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  1. Atelier Figure

    Atelier Figure

    Theater, Gallery, Concert Venue

    Danijela Ozme 12, Sarajevo | Map

    Theater, Gallery, Concert Venue A variety of cultural manifestations are held at Atelje Figure, which is located in what used to be the Mašić family apartment, right in the center of town. More

  2. Atelje - Zec Collection

    Atelje - Zec Collection


    Maršala Tita 31/II, Sarajevo | Map

    Gallery Atelje – Zec Collection provides visitors with a chance to see a wide selection of paintings, drawings and graphic art by one of BiH’s most important painters, Safet Zec. More

  3. BlackBOX



    Vrazova br. 5, Sarajevo | Map

    Gallery Most of the works on display at BlackBOX Gallery have been done by artists who collaborate with BlackBOX art&print Workshop, one of the best shops of its kind in Sarajevo for paintings and photographs.  More

  4. Bosniak Institute

    Bosniak Institute

    Gallery, Concert Venue, Conference Venue

    Mula Mustafe Bašeskije 21, Sarajevo | Map

    Gallery, Concert Venue, Conference Venue The Bosniak Institute is one of the most important cultural institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and offers visitors a chance to see a priceless art collection, as well as a library and archive whose contents have been collected... More

  5. Collegium Artisticum

    Collegium Artisticum


    Terezije bb, Sarajevo | Map

    Gallery For more than 40 years, this city gallery – Collegium Artisticum – has served as an important space for exhibitions and has been one of the main gathering places on Sarajevo’s artistic, intellectual and cultural... More

  6. Duplex/100 m2

    Duplex/100 m2


    Obala Kulina bana 22, Sarajevo | Map

    Gallery The gallery, Duplex/100m2, serves as an exhibit space, workshop, agency for the development and creation of artistic projects, showroom for art lovers and collectors and a place to meet and work. More

  7. Gallery Java

    Gallery Java


    Maršala Tita 21, Sarajevo | Map

    Gallery Located right in the center of town, Java Gallery (Titova 21) has played an important role in affirming and building Sarajevo’s contemporary art scene, by giving artists a chance to present their work in a very attractive ex... More

  8. Gazi Husrev Bey's Hanikah

    Gazi Husrev Bey's Hanikah


    Sarači 49, Sarajevo | Map

    Gallery Gazi Husrev Bey's Hanikah was first mentioned in the vakufnama (endowment) established by Gazi Husrev Bey in 1531 and it is presumed that this object, which is where the principles of tesavvuf (sufism, Islamic mysticism) were taug... More

  9. Mak Gallery

    Mak Gallery


    Sime Milutinovića Sarajlije 7, Sarajevo | Map

    Gallery Mak Gallery is the exhibit space housed in the Museum of Literature and the Performing Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. More

  10. Mersad Berber Gallery

    Mersad Berber Gallery


    Vladislava Skarića 5, Sarajevo | Map

    Gallery Mersad Berber Gallery offers visitors a rich display of works by Mersad Berber, one of the most prominent painters and graphic artists from BiH. More