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  • Led by Dr. Erol Kapetanović, the Kapetanović Medical Office offers complete services related to gland surgery and general surgical procedures.


    Reservations are compulsory

    Examinations and procedures follow the latest and most efficient methods of health care delivery and Dr. Kapetanović continues to participate in prestigious congresses and seminars which deal with breast care.

    In keeping with his vision and constant desire to improve services, Dr. Kapetanović makes use of the latest surgical methods, such as radiofrequency ablation, a procedure which removes topical imperfections, painlessly and without loss of blood, including: moles, warts that have stalks or broad bases, age spots, blisters and other blemishes.

    Dr. Kapetanović’s office is currently the only facility of its kind in BiH to conduct CORE biopsies. Another service worth mentioning is the use of Mentor® breast implants, the cheapest and highest quality breast implants and reconstruction implants, which are used in cooperation with the most widely recognized company in this field.

    The office also offers the following services:
    - examinations conducted and diagnoses made for breast pain and thyroid conditions;
    - breast surgery: benign and malignant tumors and various kinds of cysts;
    - treatment of breast infections;
    - treatment of postpartum and areola infections and nipple discharge;
    - thyroid surgery (treatment of goiter);
    - lymph gland removal (armpits and pelvis area);
    - removal of moles, warts and other skin imperfections;
    - nail surgery and procedures to reduce the size of scars;
    - pilonidal sinus surgery, as well as many other types of tests and surgical procedures.

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