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  1. Sinanovići


    Around Sarajevo

    Bjelašnica, Visočica | Map

    Around Sarajevo The village of Sinanovići is located between the mountains, Bjelašnica and Visočica. Located about 50 kilometers from Sarajevo, it's an ideal spot to get away from the bustle of town and enjoy some silence and clean ai... More

  2. Sutjeska National Park

    Sutjeska National Park

    Around Sarajevo

    Dolina heroja, Tjentište | Map

    Around Sarajevo Sutjeska National Park lies about 100 kilometers southeast of Sarajevo.  More

  3. The Source of Paljanska Miljacka

    The Source of Paljanska Miljacka

    Around Sarajevo

    Gornje Pale, Istočno Sarajevo | Map

    Around Sarajevo About 20 kilometers southeast of the center of Sarajevo, in Gornje Pale at the foot of Mt. Jahorina, is the source of Paljanska Miljacka (1,010 m). More

  4. Zeleni Vir Rest Area

    Zeleni Vir Rest Area

    Around Sarajevo

    Bioštica, Olovo | Map

    Around Sarajevo The recently-opened rest area, Zeleni Vir, is about 3 km from the center of Olovo, a town about 50 km northeast of Sarajevo, on the road that leads to Tuzla. More