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  1. Museum Sarajevo 1878 - 1918

    Museum Sarajevo 1878 - 1918


    Zelenih beretki 1, Sarajevo | Map

    Museum The Museum of Sarajevo 1878-1918 is an annex of the Museum of Sarajevo and its permanent exhibit shows Sarajevo during the time of Austro-Hungarian rule (1878-1918).  More

  2. National Gallery of BiH

    National Gallery of BiH


    Zelenih beretki 8, Sarajevo | Map

    Museum The National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina (UG BiH) is the most important gallery-institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Founded in 1946, its initial core collection consisted of 600 pieces which belonged to the Gallery of the... More

  3. National Museum of BiH

    National Museum of BiH


    Zmaja od Bosne 3, Sarajevo | Map

    Museum The National Museum of BiH was founded on February 1, 1888 and was first housed in a building next to the Sarajevo Cathedral. Construction of the facility in Marijin Dvor, the museum’s current home, got underway in 1909 and... More

  4. Sarajevo War Tunnel (Tunnel of Hope)

    Sarajevo War Tunnel (Tunnel of Hope)


    Tuneli 1, Ilidža – Donji Kotorac | Map

    Museum From July 1993 until the end of the Siege in late February 1996, the Sarajevo War Tunnel was the only connection besieged Sarajevo had with the outside world. More

  5. Sarajevska Pivara Museum

    Sarajevska Pivara Museum


    Franjevačka 15, Sarajevo | Map

    Museum The Sarajevska Pivara Museum is located in the area around the Sarajevo Brewery, which was founded in 1864 by the Viennese industrialist, Heinrich Levi, as the first industrial enterprise in BiH and the first brewery in what was s... More

  6. Sevdah Art House

    Sevdah Art House


    Halači 5, Velike daire, Sarajevo | Map

    Museum Sevdah Art House is a museum dedicated to sevdalinka, traditional urban love songs, and the famous singers who have interpreted them.  More

  7. Svrzo House

    Svrzo House


    Glođina 8, Sarajevo | Map

    Museum Svrzo House represents one of the most well-preserved examples of domestic architecture from the Ottoman Period in BiH during the 18th century, a time when wealthier homes were divided into a public section (selamluk) and a family... More

  8. The Despić House

    The Despić House


    Despićeva br. 2, Sarajevo | Map

    Museum Despić House, the oldest part of which was built during the 17th century, was bequeathed to the city of Sarajevo at the end of the 1960s by Pero Despić. More

  9. The Old Orthodox Church Museum

    The Old Orthodox Church Museum


    Mula Mustafe Bašeskije 59, Sarajevo | Map

    Museum The Old Orthodox Church Museum in Sarajevo was founded in 1889 and taken from the church holdings. It was Churchwarden Jeftan Despić, a member of the famous Sarajevo Despić family, who was credited with opening the museum. More

  10. The Olympics Museum

    The Olympics Museum


    Alipašina bb, Sarajevo | Map

    Museum The Olympic Museum of BiH was founded with the aim of preserving, for posterity’s sake, the memory of the organization and realization of the XIV Winter Olympic Games (WOG) which were held in the capital city of Bosnia... More