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  • In the middle of the forest near the village of Vučja Luka, which is about 18 kilometers from the center of Sarajevo, is Vukov Konak, a 100-year-old log cabin where the Bosnian-Finnish family – Jasmin and Napa Šahinpašić and their daughter, Iita – offer plenty of hospitality.

    A visit to Vukov Konak can also be a chance for you to do some activities, like biking, riding, mountaineering, hunting, sledding.... Or you can simply relax and rest amid the lovely, rustic ambient, where you can “hear the silence”.

    If you’d like to spend the night in the middle of untouched nature, there are four simple and comfortable rooms available, with wood heating. Vukov Konak also offers its visitors tasty local foods (uštipke, pura, razljevak…), vegetarian specialties, gluten-free food, as well as items which accommodate any other special food requirements.

    Guests can make use of the Finnish sauna and enjoy the company of the farm animals – the dog, cat, goats and donkeys.

    It’s very easy to reach Vukov Konak by car along the asphalt road and a ride by taxi costs around 20KM (one way).