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  • You will experience Sarajevo in the best possible way by venturing up to some of the vantage points that offer views of the beautiful “golden valley”.

    On your tour of Sarajevo’s overlooks, you will also visit Asim Ferhatović Hase Olympic Stadium, the highest point in Sarajevo’s north side; then you will continue on to Zmajevac and the fortress, Bijela Tabija; the fortification, Žuta Tabija, and Kamarija Point of View Café. These last three spots overlook Baščaršija and offer beautiful views of Sarajevo’s cultural-historical core.

    Note: The cost of the tour includes transport, a tour guide and a break for some Bosnian coffee. There must be at least three people for the tour to be given.

    Recommendation: Be in the mood for a good trip and make sure your phone or camera has adequate storage space for all of the wonderful photographs that can be taken during the tour.

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