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2nd Unusual Marathon

Sport Event

19 Jan / 10:00
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The hilarious racing spectacle and great fun for all participants starts at 10:00 on the Safet Zajko Center Athletic Track.

You can run:

- marathon 42195m or

- the baton

The marathon's is unusual because of the way relay teams are formed. It's up to you to apply as an individual, and up to the lottery (the draw will take place two days before the race) you will be with a three-member team. You can choose between two types of baton, two ladies and one man (two ladies and a beast) or one lady and two men (one girl, two cops).

The total course is 42195m long and has three sections. The first is from SRC Safet Zajko to Dariva (14000m), the second from Dariva to the start of the Grand Alley in Ilidža (13880m) and the third from Grand Alley to SRC Safet Zajko (14315m).

There is also a standard marathon where the marathon runner has to run the 42195m long course.

Applications can be made at: or through the website

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