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Alex Nemec; Forniva; Eleven Sins


13.01.18 / 23:00
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Slovenian Alex Nemec started to play out in clubs in 1998, he is an experienced dj and most surely best know as being one half of Alex & Filip.

The duo has been working together since 2005 till late 2012 and their list of originals and remixes is quite sure impressive.
In the time being they had remixed artists like Dave Seaman, Inkfish, Trafik, Kassey Voorn, Jeff Bennet, Tim Andresen, Autophase, Fiord, Subfractal, Ran Shani, Sonic Union & Bastards of Funk and Soulwerk ...

Due to different musical views the duo split up in late 2012.

Alex decided to stay on the techno and prog route which was the sound that they pushed as Alex & Filip and best fits to his mind and musical apeal.

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