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Antithetic, Solo Exhibit by Denis Haračić


Jan 17 - Jan 25 / 12:00
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Opposed to the idea of an art exhibition showcasing a homogenized, coherent body of work, this exhibition is in its premises based on a lot of very different, fragmented ideas. Exhibition opening is scheduled for January 17th at 20:00h.

Scattered around the exhibition space without any real curatorial note, concept or codependence within the pieces themselves, this anti-concept makes for an extraordinary liberation of individual ideas, visually as well as semantically.

For the artist this stands as freeing circumstance, allowing a crossover of diverging fields of interest without the need for explanation or any adjustment to general guidelines.

Denis Haračić is a visual artist currently based in Sarajevo, BiH. He primarily uses combined techniques of printmaking, drawing, painting and digital installation. Haračić tends to question social structures and identity from both the individual and our group perspective.

His seemingly archaic work is based on existential and archetypal principles drawn from an intimate space, moving towards a universal message of bare and exposed humanity. The ideas Haračić is working on manifest them-selves in anthropomorphic depictions of psychological situations trapped between numb contemplation and monstrous dehumanization.

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