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Ay, Carmela

Theater Play

16.10.19 / 20:00
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This play is an intimate and sentimental chronicle of memories, as well as a hearty tribute to artistic honor and dignity and the human and moral qualities of the collective anti-fascist consciousness.

Ay, Carmela has been on SARTR’s repertoire since 1999, while also making its way around BiH’s theater scene and almost everywhere in Europe. The play celebrates the outstanding partnership between Selma Alispahić and Dragan Jovičić, who boisterously and inspirationally affirm all of the values of “a true artist”, as well as the vitality and enduring nature of the performing arts.

Directed by: Robert Raponja

Cast: Selma Alispahić, Dragan Jovičić and Jasenko Pašić

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