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Bosnia and Herzegovina in Classical Antiquity


Nov 01 - Dec 31 / 10:00
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Bosnia and Herzegovina in Classical Antiquity is a permanent exhibition of the Archaeology Department.

Exhibition is conceived to comprise roughly two periods: the Early Roman Empire (the Principate) from the end of Bato's uprising in 9 CE to the 3rd century CE, and the Late Roman Empire (the Dominate), from the 4th to the 6th century CE. It also includes exhibits which present the world of Hellenism and classical Greece, from the 6th to 1st century BCE.

The exhibition offers insight into a variety of social phenomena of classical antiquity: architecture, communications, colonisation (Romanisation of the Roman province), everyday life and customs of the populace, extraction of natural resources, and the development of the economy, agriculture, and crafts. Especially important are the artefacts showing spiritual life in classical antiquity: figurines and reliefs depicting numerous deities, both local and Roman, which also provide evidence of the presence of the Persian cult of Mithraism and the emergence and rise of Christianity. 

The artefacts on display were found in a wide range of localities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Konjic, Jajce, Mogorjelo and Višići near Čapljina, Opačići near Glamoča, Šipovo near Jajce, Stolac, Ilidža, Panik near Bileća, Pritoka and Golubić near Bihać, Dardagani near Zvornik, Lepenica near Kiseljak, Renići near Livno, Breza, and many others.

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