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Exhibits at Vijećnica


until 31.01.19 / 09:00
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In addition to “Sarajevo Vijećnica Revisited,” which follows the nearly 20-year-long renovation on this major structure, and “Sarajevo 1914-2014,” which looks at life in the city during that century, Vijećnica now offers visitors new exhibits.

“Mayor’s Chamber” has portraits of Sarajevo mayors who served from 1878 to 2016 and “November 25th Room” testifies to the first session of ZAVNOBIH, which was held in 1943 and laid the foundations for the modern BiH state.

“In Honor of Franz & Sophie” is dedicated to the Austro-Hungarian heir-apparent and his wife, who were killed in Sarajevo. The exhibit is a prelude to the gala exhibition, “Forbidden Love,” which will open at Vijećnica in the summer of 2018.

“Contemporaries’ Room” looks at figures who are active in their respective fields: Ivan Štraus (architect), Safet Zec (painter), Dževad Karahasan (author) and Salih Teskeredžić (product designer).

A Trebević gondola is also on display, along with items that pay tribute to the original one and details on its installation, which is in progress.

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