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House of the Hedgehog

Theater Play

21 Jan / 12:00
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In the old woods is the brave hunter Ježurko Ježić, armed with three darts. One day a quick ripper would bring him a call to an big dinner.

The lunch begins, rich and fleshy, what kind of forest has long not seen. The sun has already descended behind the hill and Jeju friends are coming to Jeju. The Fox urges Ježa not to come back so late, but to sleep in her luxurious home. The chef is grateful for the call and declares that his humble home is his favorite.

Now the fox is conceived: it has to be a lavish castle when he is so fond of him. 

A hellish plan is created. The Fox will have a castle, and Vuja and Medo will rob all that is in it.

Conductor: Dario Vučić

Director: Ferid Karajica