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Newton's Workshop


27.05.19 / 19:00 (See full schedule)
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Newton's Workshop is a branch of the STEM educational program in which physics and other related sciences are taught.

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to come to the conclusions and formulations of the laws of nature through the self-executing simple experiments within the POE sequence (predict-observe-explain, predict-observe-explain). By what principles and laws are the natural processes that we encounter every day? Why is the sky blue and how does the rain come? Why do we feel pressure in our ears when we climb the mountain and how the blood travels through our veins and arteries?

Workshops will also be about orientation in nature and determining the sides of the world. About the principles of work of semaphore, sensors and many other electronic devices. Participians will learn the magic of photosynthesis, levitation and magnet, and learn the difference between weight and mass. They will also learn how the sound arises, why Eiffel tower is longer in the summer than in winter, and what is needed to pay attention on when we build bridges, railroads and buildings.

Workshops will be held every Monday until end of May. More informations are available on e-mail: 


Weekday Date Time
Monday 27 May 2019 19:00

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