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The Story of Little Muck

Theater Play

17 Nov / 11:00
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The entire world today is now one big race. A race for fame, success, money...

To win the race, people stop at nothing: they all cheat, lie, trick, deceive, exploit, hit, pull strings... Still, not everyone is the same. Our little hero, Little Muck, “so small, even his father was ashamed of him,” does not want to take part in this race. Although everyone treads all over him, Muck does not belong to this world full of greed and hypocrisy. He only wants one thing: justice and truth! However, hypocritical, two-faced and corrupt people thrust him into a race, which he will come out of as the winner ... But how?

All thanks to his clean and good heart! And to the truth, which makes Little Muck one of the great “heroes of our time”.

Director: Darko Kovačovski

Cast: Mario Drmać, Alma Merunka, Suada Ahmetašević, Narda Nikšić, Damir Kustura

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