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Winter Landscapes of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo Winter | Exhibition

until 25.03.19 / 09:00
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Exhibition "Winter Landscapes of Bosnia and Herzegovina" will be opened on 12 February at 7:00 p.m.

Author of the exhibiton, Petar Perica Vidić is a Bosnian Herzegovinian Franciscan priest, painter and graphic artist. He was born in Sarajevo on August 7, 1938. He studied philosophy and theology at the Franciscan Theology in Sarajevo. Since 1962, he has been working at the studio of academic painter Gabriel Jurkic, and in 1965-66. in the studio of academic painter Stane Krugar in Ljubljana. In 1966, he went to Vienna and attended the Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied graphics in the class of Professor Max Melchar. Since 1970, he lectured fine arts and later art history at the Franciscan Classical Gymnasium in Visoko. In the Franciscan community of Bosnia of Srebrenica, he held the duties of the educator of young Franciscans.

Exhibition will be open for public until March 25.

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