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Ničije vrijeme, Photo Exhibit of Dženat Dreković by CIN


until 30.11.17 / 08:00
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He was born in Macedonia, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade and has participated in the World Press Photo Masterclass in Berlin. Exhibit is opened at November 15th.

He has worked as a photojournalist for daily newspapers and weekly magazines and has taught media photography and applied photography as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Technical Studies (FTS) in Travnik and Kiseljak.

Dreković is a member of the BiH Association of Applied Arts and Design (ULUPUBIH) and is co-founder and an associate of CFFM (Sarajevo Center for Photography, Film and Multimedia). He lives and works in Sarajevo as a freelance photographer.

#Ničije vrijeme" shows the state of BiH prisons, focusing on the space within the facility and the man inside, the time that stands still and the tattoos – markings that the inmates put on their own bodies and can be seen as signs of freedom and expressions of the personalities of those who are subjected to discipline and punishment.

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