The Congregational Church of the Holy Mother

The Congregational Church of the Holy Mother is the largest Orthodox church in Sarajevo and one of the largest...


Vječna Vatra (Eternal Flame)

Vječna Vatra is a memorial to those who liberated Sarajevo during World War II and was first unveiled during a...


Baščaršija Mosque

Havadža Durak Mosque, better known as Baščaršija Mosque, is located on the main square of Saraje...



Stećci (sing. stećak) are stone tombstones that pre-date the Ottoman period, some of which are so richly decor...


Ashkenazi Synagogue

The Aškenazi Synagogue was built in 1902 for Sarajevo’s Jews, who began to arrive in greater numb...


Yellow Fortress

The Yellow Fortress is one of the fortifications that made up the defensive wall of the old town, More

The Old Orthodox Church

The Old Orthodox Church in Sarajevo, which is dedicated to Archangels Michael and Gabriel, is one of Sarajevo&...


Morića Han

Morića Han (inn) is Sarajevo’s only remaining caravanserai, a place where merchant caravans could find a...


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