Tunnel of Hope

From July 1993 until the end of the Siege in late February 1996, the Sarajevo War Tunnel was the only connecti...


Sarajevska Pivara (Sarajevo Brewery) Museum

The Sarajevska Pivara Museum is located in the area around the Sarajevo Brewery, which was founded in 1864 by...


Museum Sarajevo 1878 - 1918

The Museum of Sarajevo 1878-1918 is an annex of the Museum of Sarajevo and its permanent exhibit shows Sarajev...


National Gallery of BiH

The National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina (UG BiH) is the most important gallery-institution in Bosnia an...


National Museum of BiH

The National Museum of BiH was founded on February 1, 1888 and was first housed in a building next to the More

Gallery 11/07/95

Gallery 11/07/95 is a memorial gallery whose aim is to preserve the memory of the Srebrenica tragedy and its 8...


Vijećnica Museum

Vijećnica Museum is located in the basement of More

Gazi Husrev Bey’s Library Museum

The Gazi Husrev Bey Library museum collection contains more than 1,200 items which are divided into five ...


Gazi Husrev Bey Museum

Gazi Husrev Bey’s Museum is dedicated to Gazi Husrev Bey (1480-1541) – the Governor of Bosnia and...


Svrzo's House

Svrzo's House represents one of the most well-preserved examples of domestic architecture from the Ottoman Per...


The Old Orthodox Church Museum

The Old Orthodox Church Museum in Sarajevo was founded in 1889 and taken from the church holdings. It was Chur...


Jewish Museum of BiH

The Jewish Museum of BiH is an annex of the Museum of Sarajevo and is housed in the Old Jewish Temple, which i...


The Despić House

Despić House, the oldest part of which was built during the 17th century, was bequeathed to the city of Saraje...


Sevdah Art House

Sevdah Art House is a museum dedicated to sevdalinka, traditional urban love songs, and the famous singers who...


Home of the Liberators Museum

The permanent exhibit entitled “Memorial Home of the Liberators of Žuč Hill” contains items from t...


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