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  1. Komšiluk Coffee & Pancakes

    Komšiluk Coffee & Pancakes

    Cafe / Patisserie

    Čizmedžiluk 26, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Komšiluk is a place where you can take a break from sightseeing, or enjoy easy conversations with friends or those who are near and dear. More

  2. Mahala


    Narghile bar

    Bravadžiluk bb, Sarajevo | Map

    Narghile bar After you’ve tried ćevapčići, pita or some of the sweets featured in Sarajevo’s diverse culinary offering, narghile may well be your next stop! Mahala Hookah Bar is a real oasis of peace where you can enjoy the intense flavor of n... More

  3. Manolo


    Cafe / Patisserie

    Maršala Tita 23, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Manolo is a cafe-restaurant that is located where the Sarajevo cult cafe, Oloman, used to be located. Here you will enjoy some hot and cold beverages, the delicious food and sweets that are served, as well as the pleasant atmosphe... More

  4. Moj Cafe

    Moj Cafe

    Cafe / Patisserie, Pub / Bar

    Trg fra Grge Martića, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie, Pub / Bar Moj Café is a spot right in the very center of town where you can drink a daily coffee, have a business meeting or enjoy a relaxing night out. More

  5. Mr. Charlie Chaplin

    Mr. Charlie Chaplin

    Pub / Bar

    Bihaćka 19, Sarajevo | Map

    Pub / Bar If you’d like to spend time with friends in a pleasant and laid-back atmosphere, whether for a night out, for a daily coffee or during a break from work or university, Charlie Chaplin is just the spot for you. More

  6. Mr. Kan

    Mr. Kan


    Zmaja od Bosne 69, Sarajevo | Map

    Club Mr Kan is a jazz club and a spot that has an impressive and pleasant ambience where you can spend some nice and relaxing moments in the company of friends, loved ones, colleagues…. More

  7. Mrvica


    Cafe / Patisserie

    Paromlinska 53H, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Mrvica Bakery Cafe is a must-see place for all true gourmets. More

  8. Nafaka


    Cafe / Patisserie

    Luledžina 7, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Nafaka coffee house and tea house has the feel of a traditional Bosnian house. If you want to find out how Turkish and Bosnian coffees are different (by trying both of them!), then this is just the place for you. More

  9. Panna Cotta

    Panna Cotta

    Cafe / Patisserie

    Mala aleja bb, Sarajevo | Map

    Cafe / Patisserie Panna Cotta is a cafe-sweet shop and pizzeria that offers a wide variety of delicious sweet and savory dishes. More