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  1. Prava priča

    Prava priča

    International Restaurant

    Hrasnička cesta 4, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant The international and local specialties offered at Prava Priča won’t leave you feeling indifferent and neither will the ambience, regardless of whether you decide to spend some time in the restaurant or out in the lovely gar... More

  2. Preporod


    National Restaurant

    Branilaca Sarajeva 30, Sarajevo | Map

    National Restaurant Preporod is an elegant restaurant in the center of town where you can enjoy some Bosnian specialities in a quiet atmosphere. More

  3. Reuff


    International Restaurant

    Aleja Bosne Srebrene bb, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant Located in a quiet setting near Radon Plaza Hotel and Emiran University Hotel, Reuff Restaurant is an excellent choice for guests who place an emphasis on halal food. You'll find a wide selection of Bosnian, Arabic and Mediterrane... More

  4. Sarajevski Begluk

    Sarajevski Begluk

    National Restaurant

    Kabalovo bb, Igman (Hadžići, Sarajevo) | Map

    National Restaurant Sarajevski Begluk is a restaurant where you, along with family or friends, can enjoy the alpine ambiance and fresh air of Mt. Igman, as well as delicious specialties and other amenities the restaurant has to offer. More

  5. Seafood restaurant Tišina

    Seafood restaurant Tišina

    Mediterranean Restaurant, International Restaurant, Winery

    Ulica Džemala Bijedića 37, Sarajevo | Map

    Mediterranean Restaurant, International Restaurant, Winery The fish restaurant, Tišina, offers a unique atmosphere and a menu dedicated to those who love seafood, fish and fine wines. More

  6. Sedef


    National Restaurant

    Ferhadija 16 - pasaž, Sarajevo | Map

    National Restaurant Sedef is a national restaurant that offers a wide variety of Bosnian specialties, including some that deserve special mention: Sarajevo sahan, Bosnian pot, šarena dolma, sitni ćevap and many kinds of stews. More

  7. Sendi


    International Restaurant

    Mustafe Kamerića 12, Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant The modern interior, carefully-designed menu (which has been inspired by Mediterranean, Bosnian and Oriental influences), delicious specialties and a rich wine list are just some of the reasons to visit the restaurant, Sendi. More

  8. Snogu Street Wok Bar

    Snogu Street Wok Bar

    Fast food / Snack bar

    Čobanija 4, Sarajevo | Map

    Fast food / Snack bar Street Wok Bar SNOGU is a place that offers a healthy combination of flavors, aromas and colors. More

  9. Soho Lounge Bar

    Soho Lounge Bar

    International Restaurant

    Nikole Tesle 53A, Istočno Sarajevo | Map

    International Restaurant Soho Lounge Bar is a place where you can enjoy the drinks, food and ambience as much as spending pleasant moments in the company of friends, family or business partners. More

  10. Staklo


    National Restaurant

    Bravadžiluk 5, Sarajevo | Map

    National Restaurant Bravadžiluk 5 is an address in the heart of Baščaršija which, for years now, has been home to many delicious traditional Bosnian dishes whose aromas entice all who pass. More