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  • Choco_Val is the home of hand-made chocolate bombons. It's where everyone who has a sweet tooth is sure to find just the right flavor of chocolate, and the perfect gift to make a loved one, friends or business partners happy.



    A passion for premium chocolates and making chocolate tartufos and chocolate bombons, as well as a thirty-year family tradition of making sweets, led to the development of their own chocolate filigree trade and the production of hand-made chocolates.

    What makes Choco_Val shops specific is that you can create your own bombon packets (no weight restrictions). The chocolate is made from the highest quality ingredients: Belgian chocolate, milk cream, butter, honey, nuts, dried fruits, domestic jams and no artificial aromas.

    It is important to mention that it is possible to order specialized chocolates/bombons with various motifs or company logos, which can serve as the perfect gift when celebrating different jubilees, corporate events, etc.

    This shop is located on Mula Mustafe Bašeskije Street, across from Markale Market, just a short walk from Gradska Tržnica (Indoor Market) on one side, and Cathedral on the other.

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