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  • The gallery, Duplex/100m2, serves as an exhibit space, workshop, agency for the development and creation of artistic projects, showroom for art lovers and collectors and a place to meet and work.


    No Reservations needed

    The gallery has been in operation since 2004 when it was first founded as Duplex/100m2 by the French artist, Pierre Courtin, whose aim was to provide support for the BiH art scene by establishing a new space that would be more accessible to artists.

    Since July 2012, the gallery has been housed in a large Austro-Hungarian apartment overlooking the Miljacka River, and it was then that it acquired the new name – Duplex/100m2

    Since its founding, the gallery has hosted artists, allowing them a place to create, exhibit and present their work, while also planning and organizing exhibits on a local, regional and international level.

    Duplex/100m2 has two sections: a salon, which serves as an office and a space for meetings, where discussions and presentations on works of art may be carried out; plus two rooms which form a standard “white cube” and serve as an exhibit area.

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