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  • Forest Park Mojmilo (Park Šuma Mojmilo) is a green oasis that is located on Mojmilo Hill, above the southern periphery of the Sarajevo valley. On especially clear and sunny days it offers a fantastic view of some of Sarajevo’s newer neighborhoods.

    This protected natural corridor, which spreads out to cover 10 hectares between Dobrinja, Mojmilo, Alipašino Polje and Švrakino Selo, is an ideal place to catch your breath and rest, especially for nature lovers, because you don’t need to go very far out of town.

    About 1,000 saplings have been planted throughout Mojmilo’s arboretum, representing more than 100 varieties of carefully chosen autochthonous and other specific varieties of plants.

    There’s also the Eko Kuća (Eco House), where visitors can enjoy some refreshments and prepare their own food. There are two children’s play areas, a fitness path, an amphitheater for outdoor education, maintained walking paths, tubing lanes….