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  • Located in a green oasis on the banks of the Mošćanica River, in a neighborhood that goes by the same name, is the restaurant, Mali Raj, where you can enjoy homemade specialties.

    Total Capacity:



    No Reservations needed

    Type of Cuisine:
    • National
    Type of Menu:
    • A la carte
    Meals Served:
    • Desert
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Late Dinner
    Serving Alcohol:


    Drinks Served:
    • Coffee
    • Tea
    • Juice Drinks
    • Soft Drinks
    • Beer
    • Wine
    • Spirits
    • Cocktails


    The interior of the restaurant is decorated in a traditional Bosnian style and on summer days it’s a real treat with the large garden that has a view of the surrounding nature and the high rocks of the Mošćanica River canyon.

    While the restaurant is only a 10-minute drive from Sarajevo Vijećnica and the popular Baščaršija, it’s Mošćanica’s unique geographical location that gives you the feeling that you are in a typical Bosnian village far from the hustle and bustle of town.

    This ethno restaurant is open every day and it’s possible to organize private dinners, weddings and other smaller or even larger receptions. The restaurant also organizes live music performances every Friday evening.

  • Venue Facilities
    • Parking Available
    • Outdoor Seating Available
    • Outdoor Seating Available Only in Summer
    • Smoking Allowed
    • Available for Weddings/Receptions
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Transportation Info
  • Distance from the Sarajevo Airport: 14.1 km
  • Distance from the Sarajevo Bus Station: 6.1 km
  • Near Tomb of Sultan's Fatih chef (village Obhodža): 600 m
  • Taxi ride from/to the airport: 25 min/17 KM
  • Nearest public transport station: Mini bus 96. Vijećnica-Hreša-Vučija Luka-130 m