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  • From 30 November to 8 December 2019, East West Centre Sarajevo organises the first SARAJEVEO FEST – ART AND POLITICS in Sarajevo. Sarajevo Fest will have a part of its programme held in Mostar (9 December) and Banja Luka (10 December).

    This is the first festival of this kind in BiH that focuses on critical thinking as one of the greatest social values. Although it seems that, in BiH, everything is politics, there is actually very little critical thinking in public, and although, in public, everything is attacked and almost every idea is disqualified, there is actually no critical discourse contemplating social and political phenomena in a complex, informed and evidence-based manner.

    Festival shows that films, theatre productions, concerts and public debates can generate a civilised, dynamic and exceptionally useful public dialogue on the key issues for our lives. Our festival demonstrates that we can interfere with our own lives, and that this interference can be both interesting and engaging. SARAJEVO FEST is open to the widest possible audience, particularly to
    those want to see the development of an interesting, creative society, as well as prosperous future and pleasant living for this country.