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  • Ask any Sarajevan and they will tell you that the basis of Bosnian cuisine is tasty barbecued meat. This tour takes in the most important locations in the city and will bring you closer to the everyday life of the citizens of Sarajevo.

    During this tour we visit the heart of Sarajevo – the Old Town – which is widely recognized for its traditional roasted specialties, different types of ćevapi, grilled entrails and flat bread (somun). The old town is full of valuable cultural and historical monuments that you will learn about on this tour.

    In a typical Sarajevo ćevabdžinica, which is filled with the smell of roasted specialties, you will learn the secret recipes for ćevapi, suđukica, sweetbreads, liver and kidneys, which you can use at home. You will complete this gastronomic experience by learning the secret of the delicious flat bread, somun (from its creation to the moment it is served), from bakers who will share centuries-old family traditions. During the food tastings, you can refresh yourself with some homemade yogurt, local beer or fruit juice.

    The tour ends by having some famous Sarajevo beer in the magical ambience of the brewery that has been one of the city’s symbols for over 150 years.

    Note: There must be at least two people for the tour to start. It is possible to organize private tours at a special rate.

    Recommendation: Have a light lunch before heading out. During the tour you can enjoy unlimited quantities of food and drinks. Suitable for children. Photography is allowed.

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