• Jajce was a royal town where the last Bosnian king resided before being usurped by the invading Ottomans.

    It was also where the AVNOJ session was held in 1943, thereby laying the foundations for Yugoslavia. The town is home to a magnificent waterfall on the Pliva River which runs into the Vrbas River. Jajce is reached by traveling through Travnik. This town, the birthplace of the Nobel Laureate, Ivo Andrić, was once the seat of Ottoman viziers and the old town is one of the prettiest and most well preserved medieval fortifications in BiH.

    Note: The cost of the tour includes transport, a tour guide and lunch. There must be at least three people registered for the tour to be given. If the number of participants is less than the aforementioned minimum (3 people), it is still possible for the tour to take place with a surcharge of 50% of the cost of the tour for one or more people, in order to reach the required minimum. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance.

    Recommendation: Be in the mood for a good trip and make sure your phone or camera has adequate storage space for all of the wonderful photographs that can be taken during the tour.

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