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  • Sarajevans are known for their fondness for festivities and celebrations, which are always accompanied by the authentic Bosnian alcoholic drink – rakija (brandy).

    The Rakija Tour will take you on a unique journey to meet Sarajevo through the prism of cafes that have been at the core of social life for centuries. This tour includes a visit to authentic Bosnian cafes, accompanied by good energy and enjoyment of the atmosphere in the Old town.

    Through the hospitality experienced in the Bosnian cafes, you will hear a somewhat different take on the history of Sarajevo and its main features and also learn about traditional music. You will find out about all that City Hall has witnessed, the story behind Sebilj and details on other cultural and historical monuments.

    This tour gives you a special opportunity to feel like a real local while enjoying a variety of brandies that will warm you up, body and soul.

    Note: There must be at least two people for the tour to start. It is possible to organize private tours at a special rate. Not suitable for minors.

    Recommendation: Have a light lunch before heading out. During the tour you can enjoy unlimited quantities of food and drinks. Vegetarian-friendly. Photography is allowed.

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