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  • This tour is ideal for everybody who has a sweet tooth and who wants to learn about the history, culture and architecture of Sarajevo while sampling our sweetest treats.

    The tour starts by discovering the beautiful buildings of the Old Town built by Gazi Husrev Bey and enjoying some delicious Bosnian baklava, tufahija and hurmašice that melt in your mouth. While savoring the delicious sweets, you will discover the secret process of preparing the famous Bosnian coffee, from roasting and grinding it, to serving it in traditional fildžani (demitasses without handles).

    Take a stroll through Baščaršija’s hidden alleys, where you will refresh yourself with some natural homemade juices made from a vast array of the finest Bosnian fruits. You will experience the cultural differences reflected in Bosnian sweets as we start in the Ottoman part of Sarajevo and finish in the Austro-Hungarian section with a cup of tea in a tea room.

    Note: There must be at least two people for the tour to start. It is possible to organize private tours at a special rate.

    Recommendation: Have a light lunch before heading out. During the tour you can enjoy unlimited quantities of food and drinks. Suitable for children. Vegetarian-friendly. Photography is allowed.

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