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2017 Vučko Trail

Sport Event

01.07.16 (See full schedule)
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The mountain club, Željezničar, will be organizing the 2017 Vučko Trail on Saturday, July 1st, 2017. This trail running race will take place on the mountains, Bjelašnica and Visočica above Sarajevo.

First course is the shortest, 13km long relaxed trail for everyone and anyone, without much elevation gain and with pleasant environment and route. The trail is runnable, but it also provides for a more classical hiking approach and enables participants to fully enjoy the nature in a relaxed circular route. This is the trail through remote and untouched landsacapes of Olympic mountain Bjelašnica. 

Second course is 36km long an it is ideal trail for those who want to take a shot at a somewhat more moderate mileage, but still desire to feel the thrill, adventure, exertion and beautiful sights. The village of Lukomir as one of the destinations as well as Studeni potok and the stone remains of the Dragon give special flavor to this trail and make you want to finish it as fast as you can. Nevertheless if you want to spend a night on dragons terain – it is a totaly another challenge. It runs through remote corners of Olympic mountain Bjelašnica, Lukomir and Umoljani villages and pasture lands. 

The hardest of three trails to run this year at the Vučko trail running event is 65km long and it runs through little known areas of Olympic mountain Bjelašnica and Visočica mountain. This is a trail where we had to take a great care where to go so that elevation gain does not exceed +4000m. The other side of Bjelašnica, ancient roads and even more ancient legends, the Rakitnica canyon and the knife-sharp ridge of mountain Visocica. And all that spiced with breathtaking landscapes and stećak tombstones popping up all around. In its second half, the trail follows part of 34th stage of Via Dinarica trail. 

All necessary details related to registration, GPS locations, directions and other useful information can be found on the PD Željezničar website.


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