10 Reasons to Visit Sarajevo

When to Visit



At the very beginning of March in Sarajevo, you can enjoy winter activities on the nearby Olympic Mountains, then the end of the month will see spring, with more sun, longer days and nature as it slowly begins to awaken from its winter slumber. More




Sarajevo Stories

  1. I know that life after the war can sometimes be even more difficult than it was during the war. The enemy is more cunning, and a man wants to relax after he has exerted so much effort to survive. But you cannot. Because the name “Sarajevo” is a symbol of light and hope. The hope that courage and tolerance can prevail.

    Kénizé Mourad, writer
  2. When you enter a coffee house and look for a place to sit, you need to be very careful not to trip over the long pipes which smokers, who are seated on low pillows, leave in the middle of the coffee house floor. If you step on one of these long pipes or even touch it, it can cost you dearly, for you are disturbing the Sarajevans’ “pleasure”. Notwithstanding all of the commotion outside in Čaršija, inside there is silence. All you can hear is the bubbling of the water pipes and the sound of coffee boiling on the embers.

    Robert Stanhopes, a traveler who visited Sarajevo in 1634

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