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This August in Sarajevo, you can expect warm weather and plenty of cultural events. The Sarajevo Film Festival will be held from 11. to 18. 08. 2017. As one of the most important film events in Europe, this annual festival brings hundreds of film professionals to Sarajevo, as well as many thousands who love “the Seventh Art”. More




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Sarajevo International Airport

Sarajevo International Airport

Construction on the Sarajevo International Airport got underway in 1965, near the site of what was a smaller military airport in Butmir, a part of town in Sarajevsko Polje. The project took a little over three years to complete and the Sarajevo-Ilidža Airport, as it was originally called, opened on June 2, 1969. More

  1. All my dilemmas about how my photos of Sarajevo should look disappeared when I arrived there. Things were happening too fast there. I could only respond to them.

    Annie Leibovitz, photographer
  2. This is the most beautiful city; sophisticated, complex and multicultural.

    Bono, lead singer of the band U2

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