10 Reasons to Visit Sarajevo

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April is an ideal month for a visit to Sarajevo because it offers visitors all of the things one can do during the lovely weather, like enjoying nature as it begins to stir from its winter slumber or having the first coffees of the season in some of the summer gardens. More




Sarajevo Stories

Collegium Artisticum

Collegium Artisticum

Collegium Artisticum was the name of a group of avant-garde artists who were active in Sarajevo during the early years of WWII, from January 1939 until early 1941. More

  1. The people of Sarajevo: intelligent and primitive, greedy and beautiful, tired and young, very young and insane, rich and miserable, vital and ill, tall and worn out, angry and passive, dubious and geniuses, the diaspora and street punks, fans of Željo and Sarajevo, children and grownups, faithful and unfaithful, powerful and pious – all in all, almost four-hundred thousand city atoms. And to be frank, there is no end to it. You either love Sarajevo or you don’t.

    Aleksandar Hemon, writer
  2. When you go to Sarajevo what you experience... is life

    Mike Leigh, English writer and director

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