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The last days of the warm summer and the pleasant beginning of autumn are what make Sarajevo beautiful during September. Don't miss Bee Fest, a beekeeping and beekeeping equipment fair, a traditional manifestation in the region that attracts producers of honey, pollen, propolis and other products that are based on honey, as well as medicinal herbs. It will be held from 07. to 11. September 2016. More




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The irrestible charm of Kovači Street

The irrestible charm of Kovači Street

Kovači runs along the northeastern side of the old Sarajevo Čaršija, a national monument of BiH, from Čekrekčijina Mosque, which is 100 steps north of Sebilj, to Kovači plateau. More

  1. If you take a look at Sarajevo at any time of day, from any surrounding hill, you will always inadvertently come to the same conclusion. It is a city that is wearing out and dying, while at the same time being reborn and transformed. Today it is the city of our most beautiful longings and endeavors and bravest desires and hopes.

    Ivo Andrić, writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature
  2. It’s true that here people discover what you call “the Sarajevan spirit”. There is something rather special, something attractive here. This is a place where people can live well.

    Francis Bueb, Director of Andre Malraux Center