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June in Sarajevo means real summer weather and it starts to feel like almost everyone is heading out for a stroll along the city's main walking streets – Titova, Ferhadija, Obala Maka Dizdara, Wilson's Promenade and Mala Aleja in Ilidža.... More




Sarajevo Stories

Stećci - mysterious “stone sleepers”

Stećci - mysterious “stone sleepers”

Stećci, or “stone sleepers,” as they were called by poet Mak Dizdar, are medieval tombstones. They are also a shared cultural heritage for the peoples of BiH, and one of the region’s greatest mysteries. More

  1. When you go to Sarajevo what you experience... is life

    Mike Leigh, English writer and director
  2. This city has given me so much. It was and still is very important in my life. The title of Honorary Citizen of Sarajevo is the greatest honor I could ever receive.

    Bernard-Henri Levy, philosopher and writer

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