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April is an ideal month for a visit to Sarajevo because it offers visitors all of the things one can do during the lovely weather, like enjoying nature as it begins to stir from its winter slumber or having the first coffees of the season in some of the summer gardens. More




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Sarajevo Cable Car (funicular)

Sarajevo Cable Car (funicular)

Work on the original Trebević cable car, or funicular, as it was called by older Sarajevans, began in 1956 and it was operational by May 3, 1959. More

  1. There's nothing prettier than my arrival in Sarajevo, with the welcoming smiles of dear people. I have a feeling that everything in BiH is prettier, that the sun is shining stronger, snow is whiter, rain is less wet, people are happy, despite all the problems they have. Nowhere in the world have I seen more jovial people.

    Edin Džeko, football player
  2. Sarajevo had the best organized winter games in the history of the Olympics.... Farewell, dear Sarajevo.

    Juan Antonio Samaranch, President of the International Olympic Committee

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