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October in Sarajevo brings autumn at its most beautiful, plus it's an ideal time for a visit in nature, which is adorned with a whole palette of wondrous autumn colors. More




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Ivan Štraus' Legacy

Ivan Štraus' Legacy

Ivan Štraus, the architect responsible for many symbols of BiH’s capital city, passed away in late August 2018 at the age of 90. More

  1. I was interested in coming here.... I've been impressed by the beauty of the city and I think it's a shame to see that a city like this could be attacked. I will treasure this award. I don’t think there is another city in the world that has shown such heart in the face of so much tragedy.

    Robert De Niro, actor
  2. This city has given me so much. It was and still is very important in my life. The title of Honorary Citizen of Sarajevo is the greatest honor I could ever receive.

    Bernard-Henri Levy, philosopher and writer

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