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The beginning of January also marks the beginning of the winter break from school, with the youngest Sarajevans and their parents hoping to make the most of this month by spending as much time as possible up on the mountains around Sarajevo. More




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The irrestible charm of Kovači Street

The irrestible charm of Kovači Street

Kovači runs along the northeastern side of the old Sarajevo Čaršija, a national monument of BiH, from Čekrekčijina Mosque, which is 100 steps north of Sebilj, to Kovači plateau. More

  1. What is the oriental charm that starts here in Sarajevo and that Westerners can’t resist? Here there are no plans that stem from rational thinking; it’s all a matter of improvisation and the result of ad hoc ideas and temporary whims.

    Juraj Neidhard, one of the most important Sarajevan architects
  2. The people of Sarajevo: intelligent and primitive, greedy and beautiful, tired and young, very young and insane, rich and miserable, vital and ill, tall and worn out, angry and passive, dubious and geniuses, the diaspora and street punks, fans of Željo and Sarajevo, children and grownups, faithful and unfaithful, powerful and pious – all in all, almost four-hundred thousand city atoms. And to be frank, there is no end to it. You either love Sarajevo or you don’t.

    Aleksandar Hemon, writer

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