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Juraj Neidhardt – the architect who dreamed of Sarajevo

Juraj Neidhardt – the architect who dreamed of Sarajevo

A Zagrebian with German ancestry, Juraj Neidhardt (1901-1979) was a theoretician, pedagogue and one of BiH’s most prolific architects. His socially engaged architecture, whose concepts were in harmony with the needs of man, greatly influenced Sarajevo’s development. More

  1. The people of Sarajevo: intelligent and primitive, greedy and beautiful, tired and young, very young and insane, rich and miserable, vital and ill, tall and worn out, angry and passive, dubious and geniuses, the diaspora and street punks, fans of Željo and Sarajevo, children and grownups, faithful and unfaithful, powerful and pious – all in all, almost four-hundred thousand city atoms. And to be frank, there is no end to it. You either love Sarajevo or you don’t.

    Aleksandar Hemon, writer
  2. A city that was once a symbol of war and destruction has become a place where diversity no longer represents a threat but a sign of richness and opportunity. The Jerusalem of Europe represents a crossroads of cultures, nations and religions, a status which requires the building of new bridges, while also maintaining and restoring older ones.

    Pope Francis

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