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Stećci - mysterious “stone sleepers”

Stećci - mysterious “stone sleepers”

Stećci, or “stone sleepers,” as they were called by poet Mak Dizdar, are medieval tombstones. They are also a shared cultural heritage for the peoples of BiH, and one of the region’s greatest mysteries. More

  1. If you take a look at Sarajevo at any time of day, from any surrounding hill, you will always inadvertently come to the same conclusion. It is a city that is wearing out and dying, while at the same time being reborn and transformed. Today it is the city of our most beautiful longings and endeavors and bravest desires and hopes.

    Ivo Andrić, writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature
  2. I was interested in coming here.... I've been impressed by the beauty of the city and I think it's a shame to see that a city like this could be attacked. I will treasure this award. I don’t think there is another city in the world that has shown such heart in the face of so much tragedy.

    Robert De Niro, actor

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