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October in Sarajevo brings autumn at its most beautiful, plus it's an ideal time for a visit in nature, which is adorned with a whole palette of wondrous autumn colors. More




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Stećci - mysterious “stone sleepers”

Stećci - mysterious “stone sleepers”

Stećci, or “stone sleepers,” as they were called by poet Mak Dizdar, are medieval tombstones. They are also a shared cultural heritage for the peoples of BiH, and one of the region’s greatest mysteries. More

  1. To live in Sarajevo is to live on different planes. This collision of the past and present lends the city a hyperreal texture, as if you are walking through a postcard come to life. To visit Sarajevo is to witness both our modern civilization’s greatest sorrows and greatest triumphs.

    Reif Larsen, writer
  2. Sarajevo is an amazing and beautiful city where incredible people live. It's an ancient city where Jews, Muslims and Christians have been living very well together for centuries. It’s an incredible place where everyone wants to go once in their life.

    Richard Gere, actor

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