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At the very beginning of March in Sarajevo, you can enjoy winter activities on the nearby Olympic Mountains, then the end of the month will see spring, with more sun, longer days and nature as it slowly begins to awaken from its winter slumber. More




Sarajevo Stories

Sarajevo's Olympic spirit

Sarajevo's Olympic spirit

The story of the Olympics in Sarajevo started in Athens on May 18, 1978, when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) chose Sarajevo over Sapporo and Gothenburg, thereby entrusting the capital city of BiH with hosting the 14th WOG. More

  1. It’s true that here people discover what you call “the Sarajevan spirit”. There is something rather special, something attractive here. This is a place where people can live well.

    Francis Bueb, Director of Andre Malraux Center
  2. In Sarajevo everything has its own story and nothing happens by accident.

    Nedžad Begović, director

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