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This August in Sarajevo, you can expect warm weather and plenty of cultural events, and Sarajevo Film Festival is one of them. As one of the most important film events in Europe, this annual festival brings hundreds of film professionals to Sarajevo, as well as many thousands who love “the Seventh Art”. More




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Vraca Memorial Park

Vraca Memorial Park

Vraca Memorial Park, which is located in the neighborhood of the same name on the northern slopes of Trebević, is an important monument to cultural-historical, architectural, artistic and scenic values. More

  1. When you enter a coffee house and look for a place to sit, you need to be very careful not to trip over the long pipes which smokers, who are seated on low pillows, leave in the middle of the coffee house floor. If you step on one of these long pipes or even touch it, it can cost you dearly, for you are disturbing the Sarajevans’ “pleasure”. Notwithstanding all of the commotion outside in Čaršija, inside there is silence. All you can hear is the bubbling of the water pipes and the sound of coffee boiling on the embers.

    Robert Stanhopes, a traveler who visited Sarajevo in 1634
  2. What is the oriental charm that starts here in Sarajevo and that Westerners can’t resist? Here there are no plans that stem from rational thinking; it’s all a matter of improvisation and the result of ad hoc ideas and temporary whims.

    Juraj Neidhard, one of the most important Sarajevan architects

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