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While the heat of July can be oppressive, Sarajevans find relief up on the nearby mountains and at various picnic spots, where temperatures are pleasant, thanks to the high elevation, and there is the deep shade of the forests and a refreshing coolness from rivers and streams. More




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Passover during the COVID-19 pandemic

Passover during the COVID-19 pandemic

Passover is one of the most important Jewish holidays which marks the liberation of Jews from Egyptian slavery. This year it is celebrated from April 8th to 16th. Because of the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this Passover will not be marked with communal prayers and Seder dinner as it was customary since the arrival of Jews to Sarajevo. More

  1. There are many cities called Saraj in this world…, but this fortified Bosnian city of Sarajevo is the most advanced, most beautiful and most lively of them all.

    Evlija Čelebi, 17th century Ottoman traveler
  2. It’s true that here people discover what you call “the Sarajevan spirit”. There is something rather special, something attractive here. This is a place where people can live well.

    Francis Bueb, Director of Andre Malraux Center

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