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April is an ideal month for a visit to Sarajevo because it offers visitors all of the things one can do during the lovely weather, like enjoying nature as it begins to stir from its winter slumber or having the first coffees of the season in some of the summer gardens. More




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The irrestible charm of Kovači Street

The irrestible charm of Kovači Street

Kovači runs along the northeastern side of the old Sarajevo Čaršija, a national monument of BiH, from Čekrekčijina Mosque, which is 100 steps north of Sebilj, to Kovači plateau. More

  1. Objectively, Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, and nothing in Sarajevo can be compared to Paris, but my heart never trembles in Paris like it does here in Sarajevo, when I wait in line at the post office.

    Goran Bregović, musician and composer
  2. It’s true that here people discover what you call “the Sarajevan spirit”. There is something rather special, something attractive here. This is a place where people can live well.

    Francis Bueb, Director of Andre Malraux Center

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