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June in Sarajevo means real summer weather and it starts to feel like almost everyone is heading out for a stroll along the city's main walking streets – Titova, Ferhadija, Obala Maka Dizdara, Wilson's Promenade and Mala Aleja in Ilidža.... More




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The irrestible charm of Kovači Street

The irrestible charm of Kovači Street

Kovači runs along the northeastern side of the old Sarajevo Čaršija, a national monument of BiH, from Čekrekčijina Mosque, which is 100 steps north of Sebilj, to Kovači plateau. More

  1. To live in Sarajevo is to live on different planes. This collision of the past and present lends the city a hyperreal texture, as if you are walking through a postcard come to life. To visit Sarajevo is to witness both our modern civilization’s greatest sorrows and greatest triumphs.

    Reif Larsen, writer
  2. What is the oriental charm that starts here in Sarajevo and that Westerners can’t resist? Here there are no plans that stem from rational thinking; it’s all a matter of improvisation and the result of ad hoc ideas and temporary whims.

    Juraj Neidhard, one of the most important Sarajevan architects

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