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  • The village of Umoljani, on Mount Bjelašnica, is about an hour’s drive from Sarajevo.

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    The scenery surrounding this village is breathtaking, the terrain is perfect for mountaineering, hiking and mountain biking, and one can enjoy some delicious local food in a few of the guest facilities.

    At the entrance to the village, coming from the direction of Sarajevo, there is a mosque with an unusual minaret made of tin. The foundation of this structure, which has been made a National Monument of BiH, is comprised of more than 20 stećci (medieval tombstones).

    Not far away, there are also some old wooden mill wheels at the source of the spring called Sedrenik, which trickles from a rock. Also nearby is Dolovi, a sight that features stećci and some remains of structures from the Middle Ages.

    Umoljani also serves as the starting point for some of the best mountain paths that lead to Bjelašnica, including those that go to Lukomir, Rakitnica Canyon and Studeni Potok.

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