City transport

Should you decide on public transport, there are tram, trolleybus, bus and minibus lines which you can take to reach all major locations in Sarajevo. More

On foot

One of the advantages of “Destination Sarajevo” is its size and most of the places worth visiting can be reached by foot. More


Sarajevo has some of the cheapest taxi rates in Europe and several private taxi companies operate in the city 24 hours a day. More


In order to rent a car you must have an international driver’s license. Rental rates vary from 50-500 KM per day, depending on the type of vehicle. More


During your stay in Sarajevo, it would be advisable to use monitored parking lots or the underground garages located at BBI Center, Sarajevo City Center, Hotel Europe…. More

Tourist Info Centers

All of the information and advice you may need as you make your way around “Destination Sarajevo” can be found at Tourist Info Centers (TICs) in the area of Old Town - Baščaršija. More

Recommended Attractions

Recommended Shopping