Accommodation by Location

  • Old Town

    Old Town

    Accommodation in the old part of Sarajevo allows visitors to enjoy all the benefits of this location, including proximity to almost all the major attractions, the widest selection of restaurants, places of entertainment and relaxation. All those who wish to feel the pulse of Sarajevo will enjoy their stay in the Old Town.

  • Center


    The center of Sarajevo offers excellent accommodation choices ranging from hotels, B&Bs, hostels to private apartments, houses…. Bascarsija is within a walking distance, as well as almost all of the city's shopping centers and other important tourist attractions.

  • Midtown


    Visitors are sure to find a more affordable accommodation in Novi Grad than in the center or Stari Grad. Since Sarajevo is not a too big of a destination, the visitors can easily access any point of interest and enjoy in everything that this destination has to offer.

  • Suburb


    In the Sarajevo suburbs -- Hrasno, Hadžići and Vogošča -- visitors are able to be near the roads that lead to the city, plus there's the enchanting nature all around town, fine accommodation and various services at affordable prices.

  • Near Airport

    Near Airport

    There are several accommodation facilities located within the close proximity of Sarajevo airport, which is located only 12 kilometers from the center of Sarajevo. The suburbs of Stup and Ilidza are nearby, as is East Sarajevo. All in all – wherever the guests choose to stay, the airport is reachable in less than an hour.

  • Ilidža


    Ilidza has long been known for its spa complex and beautiful nature, and as of recently as a significant university center. Consequently, there are many options for accommodation in this suburb, including luxurious hotels but also high-quality private accommodation.

  • East Sarajevo

    East Sarajevo

    There are several good hotels in East Sarajevo, which offer accommodation at a very affordable prices. This location gives guests the opportunity to stay in a close proximity to Sarajevo airport but also to the mountains of Bjelasnica, Igman, Trebevic or Jahorina.

  • On Mountain

    On Mountain

    On the mountains around Sarajevo, guests can choose between accommodation in luxury hotels that offer highest level services, good hotels with 3 or 4 stars, and private accommodation in apartments or cottages, which is ideal for the family, as well as the romantic outings on the mountain.

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