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  1. Baklava Shop

    Baklava Shop

    Food, Drinks & Delicacies

    Ćurčiluk veliki 56, Sarajevo | Map

    Food, Drinks & Delicacies Baklava Shop is a place where every gourmet can find just the right traditional Turkish-Bosnian sweet to suit their taste. More

  2. Bee Japa

    Bee Japa

    Food, Drinks & Delicacies

    Vrbanja 1, Sarajevo | Map

    Food, Drinks & Delicacies If you’ve been searching for quality bee honey, products that are made from honey and medicinal herbs, then Bee Japa is exactly what you’ve been looking for. More

  3. BH Crafts

    BH Crafts

    Souvenirs & Gifts

    Ćurčiluk veliki 8, Sarajevo | Map

    Souvenirs & Gifts BHcrafts is the title of the project which unites creative, humanitarian, business and psychotherapeutic characteristics in a highly balanced and outstandingly successful manner. More

  4. Choco Val

    Choco Val

    Food, Drinks & Delicacies

    Gajev trg 4 / Mula Mustafe Bašeskije bb, Sarajevo | Map

    Food, Drinks & Delicacies Choco_Val is the home of hand-made chocolate bombons. It's where everyone who has a sweet tooth is sure to find just the right flavor of chocolate, and the perfect gift to make a loved one, friends or business partners happy. More

  5. Coppersmiths Huseinović Muhamed, Ismet & Ismir

    Coppersmiths Huseinović Muhamed, Ismet & Ismir

    Traditional Craftsman Store

    Baščaršija 36, Sarajevo | Map

    Traditional Craftsman Store Huseinović Coppersmith Workshop offers traditional hand-made copper souvenirs which are the perfect choice when it comes to selecting an authentic gift from Sarajevo. More

  6. Franz & Sophie - World of organic tea

    Franz & Sophie - World of organic tea


    Petrakijina 6, Sarajevo | Map

    Shopping Franz & Sophie is a unique place where you can find organic teas from all over the world – just like the nature and tea masters have created them. You will be served by the first tea sommelier in the region. More

  7. Kutcha Concept Store

    Kutcha Concept Store

    Domestic Designer Store

    Skenderija 15, Sarajevo | Map

    Domestic Designer Store Kutcha represents a story of love for art and design and the success of BiH artists. It is a place where you can have a nice time and find unique items to furnish your home. More

  8. LEGO® Store Sarajevo

    LEGO® Store Sarajevo

    Toy Store

    Franca Lehara 2 (Alta Shopping Center - Floor 2), Sarajevo | Map

    Toy Store Svijet Kockica is a place where LEGO fans, both young and old, can have fun and socialize. All are welcome at this magical world of LEGO bricks, which is located on the second floor of Alta Shopping Center. More

  9. Magaza


    Souvenirs & Gifts, Fashion & Accessories, Watches & Jewelry

    Ćurčiluk veliki 20, Sarajevo | Map

    Souvenirs & Gifts, Fashion & Accessories, Watches & Jewelry Sarajevo’s favorite music shop offers a unique mix of music, music themed gifts and fashion, with London brands Cocorose and Azuni, and official merchandise of Balkan music star Dino Merlin. More

  10. Naša Mala Destilerija

    Naša Mala Destilerija

    Food, Drinks & Delicacies

    Bulozi bb, Istočno Sarajevo | Map

    Food, Drinks & Delicacies Naša Mala Destilerija is a factory and shop that sells fine domestic fruit brandies that are additive-free and have won many awards. More